Worlds Best Surprise

Worlds Best Surprise

by | Feb 14, 2016 | Blog

Surprises and I have always had a love hate relationship. There’s nothing better than an unexpected hug or kiss, a present in the mail, coming home to a hot meal, things of that nature. Although being as independent and decisive as I am I normally would prefer to have some say in everything possible. However the day we found out about our baby it was by far the best surprise I’ve ever experienced. Timing was horrible, we’d been legally married for three weeks and our official wedding ceremony was a few weeks away. My husband didn’t understand that my hormones were the cause of my roller coaster of emotions and horrible Halloween tantrum.

At the time I didn’t either. We both were wondering what we signed up for and couldn’t figure it out until one cold November day I was at the gym and I couldn’t finish my normal work out. I couldn’t even concentrate on my workout, all I wanted to do was go to the cafe juice bar downstairs inside Equinox and order one of everything. That night I had Kylan get a test and by the time I was finished peeing it was positive. Sure as day. No questions about it. So naturally in disbelief I took six more tests and sure enough, just like that I was married and pregnant all in the same month. In that moment I realized my entire life was about to change.

I’d always known Id never raise children in NYC and told Kylan since day 1 that when we get pregnant we’re moving out of NY. We were just planning on that date being a few years later. That’s the funny thing about life, things don’t always go as planned. Now I’m half way through my pregnancy with our move to Park City UT scheduled for May 1st, Kylan has a great job offer, and we are expecting a beautiful healthy baby girl in July! We couldn’t be happier or more excited.! I guess it’s true..


         The best things in life really are unexpected.