Who is Carly Waters?

Who is Carly Waters?

by | Aug 19, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

You know those people that you know are going to change the world? Carly Waters is one of them! She is an 8 year old girl who’s in the 3rd grade in Schoharie, New York. Carly has two little sisters who recently got hearing aids due to moderate to severe hearing loss. While her family was going through this new part of their lives she learned some families can’t afford to buy hearing aids for their children and so she decided she wanted to do something to help.

This summer she wanted to have a lemonade stand to help raise money for those families and that is when she came up with the idea of the “Lemon(aid)”. A lemon(aid) is an adorable small hand sewn, hand stuffed plushie lemon that is sold for $18 and the profit goes to help families purchase hearing aids for their babes.

When she heard about Goldy’s story she decided she wanted to help and after a lot of hard work sewing and selling Lemon(aids) she was able to donate $500 to Goldy’s go fund me and out of all the donations we received I think this one is the absolute sweetest. Throughout the summer she has fundraised over $1500 in lemon(aid) sells, and donations. She’s also gone around and set up donation boxes in her local salons and markets.

If this isn’t just the sweetest thing you’ve heard all day?! She learned to sew from her mother who used to work in labor and delivery but stopped to stay home with her girls and opened up small online clothing boutique. She taught Carly to sew as soon as her little fingers could. Carly also makes clothing and dolls for her sisters and other little things to bring joy to others. While her mother makes clothes to raise hearing awareness and allow her to stay home and raise these amazing little girls. Carly clearly has a mama who is raising her right and she has a heart of gold herself!

So if you’re looking for a cute little lemon to aid to your home decor or a gift for an upcoming event click the link below and support Lemon(aids) for Hearing aids!


WEBSITE: https://rockinwear.com/products/lemon-aids