Road Trip

Road Trip

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Roaaaaaaad Triiiiiip.!!!! Before this adventure a road trip meant my girls and I eating junk, complaining about how it’s going to make us fat, singing, taking turns driving, evaluating our lives bad choices, dangerously taking selfies, trying not to reroute a thousand times by taking the wrong exits, sleeping, checking FB, and eating more junk, then waking up on a warm beautiful beach somewhere along the west coast. When I was a kid road trips were even better because it meant going to sleep and waking up in an entirely different place with no recollection of how or when you got there. So to say this road trip was a new experience would be a complete understatement.

When we were considering this trip it didn’t seem like that big of a deal, type the address into the gps ( and the route comes up as just one small line from one end of the country to the other, can’t be that long, right.? I mean it fit onto one little screen in the palm of my hand.! Well pshh thats easy! Flying almost feels like an entire day once you make it through JFK airport security, the crying baby on the plane, the baggage carrousel and the taxi line on the other end. So when my friend asked me to drive her old dogs across the country, with all expenses paid, it was a yes with no hesitation, in fact it was my brilliant idea. What were the odds that her dogs were going to her sisters that lives in Utah where I grew up.? It was fate.!!! We had to do it.! So after a few convincing conversations with my handsome co pilot and mapping out our tourist stop spots we agreed!

Preparing for the trip was more work than any other road trip I had been on because I made the decesion that I didn’t want to eat ANY fast food. So the night before we left we went to Trader Joes (my favorite market) and stocked up on groceries and goodies for the ride and packed them into the cooler bag. We started at 4am on June 30th in Brooklyn, New York. After picking up the dogs and loading them into the back with all of our luggage then arrannging it to where they couldn’t get to the food, or our laps, we were finally ready for take off.! I had to drive through Manhattan first to get into New Jersey which was the first state we drove through…

This is on the Williamsburg bridge headed into Manhattan.

My handsome co-pilot.!

Made it through New Jersey and entered Pennsylvania.!

By this point I was already ready to be in Chicago! We crossed in and out of Michigan while driving through Ohio then finally made it to Indianna where I was able to talk Kylan into actually getting out of the car to take a picture by the sign. He obvi didn’t know the state signs road trip traditon!


These were “the old boys”. Stanton is the one with the white neck. Parker is the darker one. They’re over 100 in people years so Ky had to pick them up every time they got in and out of the car. Their legs were to old and fragile to jump.

FIFTEEN HOURS OF DRIVING LATER. We FINALLY made it to Chicago!  We freshened up and pulled our second wind out of the magical land of go do be so we could make it to Millenium Park to see “The Bean” and grab some Chicago grub.!

Millenium Park was full of really awesome beautiful art sculptures!

Our fave was “The Bean” that’s not its real name just it’s nickname. It’s real name is “Cloud Gate”. In a nutshell it’s a polished stainless steel sculpture that was designed by Anish Kapoor. I could’ve stared into it for hours to see my reflection at different obscured views althogh my reflection had nothing on the reflection of the beautiful sky line of the city. You could stand back and look at it from a distance and see out into what looked like infinity.

The bean wasn’t the only impressive sculpture. There were many others. We were just too hangry by then to take pictures by all of them.

Chicago was SO CLEAN!!! Well at least compared to NYC.

Initally I wanted something that was a Chicago exclusive. Maybe a hole in the wall. Maybe somewhere to serve Ky a real Chicago deep dish. However when it came down to it we didn’t make reservations and we were too hangry to wait 45 mins for a table. So I did what I knew best. Sniffed out a place! Litterally! We ended up at this random Itallian restaurant called Vapiano. We knew nothing of it at the time… Just walked past, it smelt GREAT and the atmosphere looked inviting. BOOM! Boy was I glad we came upon it. Although I learned it wasn’t a Chicago exclusive, it was new to us, and after I ate the fresh handmade GLUTEN FREE pasta all I wanted was MORE. Luckily for us, there IS actually one in NYC (surprise) which I was happy and mad about, mad because I could’ve been enjoying it for the past three years and I didn’t have to go all the way to Chicago to get it. Happy becuase there is one like five minutes from my office in Union Square so now we go like once a week.

So here’s a break down of  why I LOVE Vapiano’s!

They have eight locations in the USA and like a billion in Asia and Eurpoe.


– They make everything to order right in front of your eyes just how you like it!

– ITS FAST AND CONVENIENT. You don’t have a server. They give you these credit cards when you walk in and they act as your “tab” so anything you order is scanned onto it and you just pay as you leave.

– Extremely affordable. Come on, everyone loves a good deal. Especially when it tastes this good.

I think you’ll start seeing Vapiano everywhere in the next few years & I hope so!

Specialty truffle pizza for their Chicago location and it was absolutely to die for.!