Measured Her Twice

Measured Her Twice

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

Who could turn down some sunshine and the beach with their girls? Especially when it’s been snowing here for months now.  When my girls asked if I wanted to join on a quick weekend trip to LA I couldn’t resist. Considering I missed the trip to Bali and Australia. The last girls trip I joined in on they came to visit me while I was living in NYC and I was pregnant with Rewsey who is now almost 2 so clearly it’s been awhile.

As excited as I am to enjoy the sunshine and girl talk I still have felt anxious all week about leaving Rew. I know two days isn’t long at all and most parents leave their children before they’re 2 years I just have only ever left her over night. I don’t want to miss a single thing. She’s the light of my life and she’s growing up more and more everyday. Recently she’s started to help get her self dressed and I can’t believe how independent and smart she is becoming.

So today I took work off, and I measured her twice to make sure she doesn’t grow while I’m gone. Trying to balance mom life, wife life, work life, school life, and a personal life is hard, but doing it while your baby girl is growing what seems like feet every day seems impossible. It also probably doesn’t help that she got her daddy’s genes and is the height of a small 3 year old and she’s not even 2 yet. All I ever want to do is stay home and soak her in. Meanwhile I’m all over the place.

No matter how tall she gets she will always be my baby girl but in the mean time I’ll keep measuring her height on this giant ruler so I can remind myself how quickly she really is growing and to stay present. Oh, the joys of motherhood and not to mention pregnancy hormones. I’d be lying if I said I don’t already miss her and my flight isn’t till tomorrow.