Magic Time Machine

Magic Time Machine

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

Ask any mother and she will tell you there has been at least one moment in time she would’ve given absolutely anything for an extra hand. Not literally, although I have had mom dreams of being go go gadget. With this I’m talking more so, someone to just hold and rock the baby to sleep while mama works, showers, cooks, responds to emails, eats, creates, exercises, cleans or whatever else her heart desires.

For me, the Mamaroo4 is a magic time machine and an absolute life saver. It literally gave me time. This thing worked like magic, the moment I put her in it and started it in her favorite mode, the “car ride”, she would calm right down. If she Started to get angry I would just change the setting or the speed and she would be back in business and so would I. Without the swing I couldn’t have made it through those first six weeks bringing her to work with me.

Then I decided that she loved it so much we were going to need one for the house as well. There were days I’d put her in it and it would rock her to sleep while I showered, bathed Rew, responded to all my clients and emails, cleaned the whole house, booked my spin class, did laundry, AND built a block tower with a Rew and she would still be happily sleeping in her MamaRoo. That is what I call a parenting win! Plus now every night at dinner while we are all sitting around the table she gets to be right there with us, and I get to have two free hands to dig right in.

I think every mom needs one of these magic baby holders in order to keep her sanity through the newborn phase. Unless you’re the one in 1 million moms who stays home and has a full-time maid, hairstylist, launderist, chef, and nanny, then you probably need this swing. Don’t be like me and realize you need it two weeks after the baby is born becuase you haven’t showered in two days. Go ahead and add it to your amazon baby registry now and let the people you love most help you get that baby rocking, riding, swinging, or bouncing to sleep, the choice is yours with the MamaRoo!

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