Infinity & Beyond

Infinity & Beyond

by | Nov 29, 2015 | Blog

Introducing the Reese’s. Married on the beautiful island of St. John, USVI November 28th, 2015

Having a last minute destination wedding was one of the most selfish decisions we’ve ever made yet it was by far the happiest decision we’ve ever made. Sure, we didn’t have a fancy venue with a four course meal and all the other traditional wedding shenanigans although what we did have was freedom, fun, and spontaneity. We spent our money on location instead of a fancy venue. We spent our time on experiencing instead of planning. We spent our energy on loving instead of stressing. We spent our thoughts on each other instead of others. I’m only saying this because I see so many girls and their husbands sometimes even their families have complete melt downs over planning their special day when in reality everyone should do what ever their hearts desire.

We planned our entire wedding ourselves, from the flowers, to the arch, to the bouquet and we had a blast doing it and didn’t get in a single bit of debt. Due to weather, not everything went as planned. However rain is supposedly good luck and it ended up making our set up easier anyhow. Instead of blowing our funds on one single day we were able to spend an entire week in paradise and I wouldn’t have done it any other day. For us it was perfect. I’m so grateful and blessed to have a loving husband who supports me in all of my craziness and friends and family who are understanding.

Here’s a little taste of our wedding week in paradise. XO