Here, There, & Every Where

Here, There, & Every Where

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We moved into our little apartment in May and it’s still not completely put together, which sounds crazy, becuase it is crazy.! MY LIFE IS CRAZY! Although I’m fine with it becuse we’ve just been so busy go, do, be-ing that the apartment decor hasn’t been #1 at the top of our list. Living real life is more important to me than looking like I have my life together. Also unless we rent a truck and drive to Jersey or take the ferry across the Hudson to Ikea we have to order EVERYYYYTHING and delivery can take foreverrr on furniture. Cheers to city living! I’ll share more about that in a future post. This is just to give you a little glimpse of what my summers looked like!

A whirl wind of events.!!!

The highlights are Payton & Brandon visiting, Isabella staying with us before heading to Italy, Kylan’s Brothers wedding in Long Island, going upstate to Hudson to visit Rob at his lake house, Kylan’s graduation, our trip across the country, 4th of July in Utah, a weekend with Jen & Zach, a week with Amber & Breck, and a daycation to DC. So you could say we’ve been just a bit busy.!

Payton and Brandon were in Conneticut visiting Brandons family when they decided to jump on the train and join us for a picnic in Central Park. Little did I know I was in for a real adventure! We ended up WALKING what felt like ALL of Manhattan that day.! We began in Central Park South walked down the east river to a tour boat we bought off Groupon just to find out it wasn’t running anymore that day (thank goodness for refunds) and thats when Kylan and I became insant tour guides! We led them all the way from Central Park  downtown to the Freedom Tower, Little Italy for dinner, and one last glimpse of Times Square before they headed back to Grand Central to catch their train home. It was an eventful day to say the least. It was also the day after we moved into our new apartment.

Isabella called me three days before she showed up at my front door, that’s what I love about this girl. She just does whatever she wants. This day she wanted to see the Brooklyn Bridge. I thought I could trick her into settling with the Williamsburg bridge and some ice cream (“Odd Fellows” BEST ICE CREAM IN NYC) and I was wrong… I ended up walking TWO bridges in those shoes that day. BAD IDEA. It was worth it though. We had a fun few days! The relaxing day at The Gansevoort rooftop pool and night out made up for it. I always love seeing Mi Bella.!

Brandon and Kim, Kylan’s brother and sister in-law had a fun wedding out in Long Island and we danced the night away!

This is Jaden, Kylan’s only nephew, he’s so adorable!

Hudson is a hip little town about three hours north of NYC. It’s called Hudson because it’s placed right on the Hudson which makes for a beautiful stroll down Warren street to this river view. Warren Street is a charming little road full of art galleries, antique shops, a few restaurants, cafes and this DELCIOUS ice cream spot called LICK. It’s quite lovely and slightly reminds me of Main Street in Park City, UT. We had the pleasure of spending the weekend up there in Rob’s lake house and really enjoyed it. Rob is the owner of the Real Estate brokerage I work for (Urban Apartments NYC), he’s such an awesome man and a great host. It was nice to be out of the city and without cell phone service for a few days! Not to mention we slept in the guest room which is also known as the “tree house” because it has wrap around windows and six sky lights making you feel as if you woke up in a tree. We loved it!

The Golden Hammer Competition is the most presigious competion in the world of the Union Carpenter. In order to even be a participant you have to pass the written test with 95% or better and if you do thats when the real hard work begins.! Building a room in front of judges in just a few hours.! So when Kylan came home to tell me he was going to be in the copetition I was so excited for him. To see him graduate top of his class and be awarded for the competiton was an amazing experience I couldn’t have been more happy for him and all of his accomplishments.! For those of you that don’t already know, Kylan is an union carpenter and he builds those gianttttt sky scrapers you see in the movies! Right now he is working on a building in the World Trade Center next to the Freedom Tower. He was even in “The Carpenter” magazine.! I am SO PROUD of him.!

After Kylans graduation it was time to get ready for the road trip of our lives.!!!

My next post will be the real definition of cross country. I always just thought it was a style of running.