Helped Goldy Hear

Helped Goldy Hear

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

On July 5th I found out our Goldy girl was basically entirely deaf and without the help of hearing aids she would have never been able to hear. Since then we have spent every day fundraising to Help Goldy Hear.

The number one lesson I’ve learned in the past two months is that people as a whole are generally good. Which honestly is hard to conclude some days in the world we live in. However these past 20 days I’ve seen it over and over again. Sure, it would have been super easy for me to just write a fake blog post that said “OMG we raised almost 20k in less than 20 days, thank you all so much” and then just move on with my life. But these past few weeks have been so much more than fundraising. These past two weeks have been heart raising, mind raising, humanity raising. They’ve been countless days full of my shoulders rounded sobbing big tears full of gratitude. They’ve been literally hundreds of emails, texts, calls, and messages from close loved ones, missed loved ones, amazing businesses and complete strangers. They’ve been unexpected visits from friends with treats and gifts and dinner and kind words. They’ve been me putting my pride aside enough to give up a piece of my independence, let down my guard, and ask for help in order to do what’s best for my daughter, and my family. They’ve been sleepless nights, one after the next, after the next. They’ve been us in and out of hospitals with moments of hope and moments of helplessness. And as terrible as it’s been it’s been equally as beautiful in the best most optimistic way possible.

There have been countless times I’ve had Rew asking me “you sad, mom?” “you sad?” And as sad as I was I was also extremely grateful so I’d try to tell her that I was grateful and she finally grasped it as “you happy-sad mom”.  Because as hard as these past two months have been they’ve also been so eye opening and humbling and all I can hope is that through these experiences I can grow to have a better awareness of all of the good in this world because there really is so much of it and it’s not always packaged in things or “likes” or money. It’s really packaged in health and knowledge and simple joys of laughter and love given selflessly by the best people in this world.

The almost $20k in donations that we have raised in the past 20 days, can’t buy happiness. It can’t buy Goldy normal hearing, or a new heart. What it can do is help to pay the deductible  for a plug for her newly  improved heart that saved her life. It can give her the gift of hearing which is a major component to normal learning and will one day provide her with what it will take for her to listen and understand about all of the people who donated to Help Goldy Hear! Mostly its given me the peace of mind knowing that so many people care and I’m not in this alone. So thank you for all of your love, support and donations because without all of you, our whole family’s life would’ve been entirely different. I really can’t thank you all enough and I don’t know how I’ll ever repay you all. This is only the beginning of this journey as there are still countless procedures and surgeries and deductibles and sign language lessons but today is the start of a new wholesome life for our Goldy girl and we owe it all to all of you! Thank you all again for everything! Today was the most magical day of my life as Goldys mom. I know some people you never forget the day your baby is born and although that day is special today is equally as special to me and I’ll never be able to forget it. Goldy has smiled more today than the past almost two months combined. I’m positive if she could talk she would be calling each of you personally to thank you, instead you’ll just have to see it in her smile the first time she heard today because that truly said it all. So thank you again, and be on the lookout for a future post highlighting more about all of our generous donations for the auction. We are beyond blessed and it’s all thanks to you. We love you all!  XO The Reese’s