Easy Family Halloween Costumes

Easy Family Halloween Costumes

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Halloween is just a few days away! If you’re a procrastinator like us here are some last minute Halloween costume ideas that we’ve been over the years. All of them can be pieced together yourself or order directly from Amazon Prime with two day shipping! Don’t let Covid stop you from dressing up and at least getting some fun photos with your little ones! 

Safari Guides 

For Rew’s first Halloween my mom found her the cutest kanga-rew costume so of course I thought of a way to make it into a fun family costume. 

This costume idea is easy and can usually be done with clothing you have in your closet! So first for mom and/or dad check your closet and see if you have anything khaki colored that would work as a safari guide uniform. If you can’t find anything check your local thrift store or click the links below to find something similar. 


This super cute safari dress would be perfect! 


Or if you’d prefer a shirt theres this option!


These pants are perfect!

Once you’ve got the basics for mom and dad time to get the basics for baby. I suggest this tan pajama set because it can be put to use even after Halloween. Be sure to check your local weather and dress accordingly! 

Now that we have the basics out of the way we can’t forget the accessories! The accessories are what make this outfit make sense. 

These binoculars are a must and so are these safari hats! 

Oh, and don’t forget your babies costume! 

We had a kangaroo but any other animal you’d see on a safari would work! I’ve linked a few different animal options below! 






This magician costume is super easy and fun! First search your closet for an all black outfit. I’m sure if you look hard enough you can find it! Then all you will need is a top hat and a cape and wand like the ones I’m sharing below. All are Amazon prime and can be to your door in two days! 

Most importantly the wand! 


Here’s the top hat 


And here’s the cape! 


Don’t forget the white gloves! 


Here’s gloves for the men


Bow ties are a nice finishing touch! 


Lastly here’s a hat for the ladies who don’t want to wear a hat.


Now if you’re wanting to make this a group/family costume someone can always be a magic rabbit! 



This costume is almost the same as the safari guide costume above but the animals are easier and Dad can get out of dressing up with this super easy t shirt. 


Also, here’s a cute monkey costume for your babe that works better with a zoo theme then it does with safari guide. 


The Incredibles 

This is a solid choice and can be done so many different ways depending on the amount of people in the family/group . It’s a classic and never gets old! Plus it’s great for cold weather Halloween nights because you can wear a full long John set underneath. 





Hope this post got you in the Halloween spirit and got those creative costume vibes going. You got this! Just dig through your closet and then click the links above and dress up like it’s your last chance! 

Happy Halloween!!! 

XO Kaibree