Buying Time

Buying Time

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Blog

Time is one thing money can’t buy. Being organized is like buying time! With my baby girl growing up like a flash before my eyes and having another one on the way, getting and staying organized has been a weekly project for me lately. Literally. It started with organizing Rewsey’s dresser so that I could neatly fit both girls wardrobes into it. After that I couldn’t help but organizing every closet and drawer in the house. You could call it nesting or blame it on my OCD, either way being extra organized this past month was literally like buying time. Getting ready in the morning is so much easier for everyone and finding things is a breeze.

One thing that drove me absolutely crazy was Rewsey’s little stack of books. I know this sounds silly but every time she would go to get a book she would pull every single one out and they would be scattered all over her room and then if I didn’t pick them up immediately they’d end up all over the house, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bathtub, you name it. I didn’t want to do a bookshelf because I didn’t have the space plus she only has a few books that she “reads” daily and I didn’t want to do another bin because they just end up getting dumped.

So FINALLY after a little researching I came across these simple, modern, adorable and affordable little shelves. I put the bottom two in her reach and the top out of reach. For only $14 a shelf It solved our every day book battle and looks so cute. Plus as per usual I ordered them and they ended up on my door step two days later. Thanks Amazon Prime! These shelves were only one of several organizing hacks I added to our little home this month. If any of you found this helpful and want to hear more about my nesting and organizing craze let me know and I’ll post all of them!