A Lovely Start to Your “Love Day”

A Lovely Start to Your “Love Day”

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Blog

If you ask my husband he will tell you I am not the worlds best cook. Luckily he went to culinary school in NYC and is an amazing cook so it works out for the both of us. So in the rare occasion you find me in kitchen I’m typically making something quick, easy, organic, and somewhat healthy. However it’s not so easy to find something that fits all of those categories. It’s normally either fresh and takes more time than I’m willing to spend or is quick and starts with the Words In & Out or Chic-fil-A. So i’m here to let you in on one of my absolute favorite breakfast secrets.

Trader Joe’s ORGANIC Silver Dollar Pancakes. They are the absolute best. I was able to make these adorable heart shaped pancakes with them in less than 10 minutes and they didn’t taste like plastic Eggos. They heat up in 45 seconds, taste fresh, and and are like fluffy clouds in your mouth. Plus do yourself a favor and pick up some fresh flowers while you’re there, I guarantee they will be the best price out of any other flower selection.

Check out the photos below for a step by step on how to make these for your Valentine!

STEP 1: Get out the goods. (pancakes, whip cream, strawberries, utensils, etc)

STEP 2: Form your heart shape

STEP 3: Cut your strawberries in half

STEP 4: MICROWAVE FOR 45 SECONDS (not pictured)

STEP 5: Arrange your berries, its sorta like playing Tetris.

STEP 6: Add the whip cream! Add your valentines initials or get creative!

Promise this literally will take you less than 10 minutes and your lover will love it! Who knows they may even taste better in bed.

We ate them at that adorable little table you see below and in each photo i’ve linked something in the picture. Target is having a Presidents Week Sale from 2/11-2/17 with 30% off of most home goods. Click the pictures to see what is in them and some of my personal favorites.