A Baby on A Baby Moon

A Baby on A Baby Moon

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Normally when people think of a baby moon most people think of one last time with their significant other filled with delicious food, beautiful sunny beaches, spa dates, and soaking in all things relaxing before that screaming bundle of joy arrives.

So when I started telling my family and friends that I was planning on bringing Rew (my almost 2 year old) along on our baby moon I’m sure you could imagine people’s responses. “I was crazy.” “She was going to ruin it.” “I may as well stay home, that would be more relaxing” and the list goes on. Truthfully I had never left her for more than two nights and it was with my hubby so the thought of over a week without her was the furthest thing from relaxing. There was no way I could’ve done it. I would’ve been an anxious emotional wreck mix that with my pregnant hormones there would’ve been no relaxing anyways…

So I ignored what everyone said and I booked the trip. The flight from SLC to Honolulu is pretty long so I made sure we had all of her favorite movies and learning games downloaded to the iPad. We brought all of her favorite snacks in her munchie mug and an entire half gallon of Organic Milk with spare bottles. Those things were pretty much life savers. After a quick change of planes in Honolulu it felt as if we were landing in Kauai right after we took off. I guess that’s why they call it island hopping!

The place we stayed at was called Aqua Kauai Beach Resort. Only read this part if you’re planning a trip to Kauai otherwise it’ll just look like I’m complaining about a week in paradise which is not at all it. I’m just trying to tell others what I wish I would’ve known before I booked there.  I’d love to say it was absolutely amazing like it looked from the pictures online but to be completely honest it was like a 7 out of 10.

The grounds were really beautiful, our room looked out into the ocean and was newly remodeled, the lobby was modern and cute, and the restaurant and bar was convenient however there were just a few things missing. The customer service was the first thing. The front desk customer service was similar to what you’d find at an average hotel however you’re paying a daily resort fee so I was just expecting more. The lady “Karen” at the concierge desk was awesome but everyone else that worked at concierge wasn’t very nice or knowledgeable. To be honest the nicest most knowledgeable person at the entire resort was “Kelvin” who was a local who worked at the Valet desk. We ate at the restaurant the first night we got in and didn’t go back. Tried the breakfast buffet and didn’t go back. The best food in the whole resort was at Shutters Lounge but it’s all just small plates of bar style food. The pool area was beautiful but we stayed over a week and only were able to swim once because it was SO cold and the pool is NOT heated but they of course don’t disclose that anywhere online.

It is right on the beach but that area of the beach is all reef and the waves are too big to get in so it’s really only to look at. There’s not a cove or beach chairs or cabanas like you’d expect at a resort. So all in all it’s not exactly what we were expecting for the price but if you can get it for a really good deal it isn’t terrible. Considering we could’ve stayed down the road at The Kauai Marriot Resort in Līhue for less that  is where we most definitely will be staying next time we go!

We spent two full days at the Marriott Resort and it was so much fun and so beautiful! Rewsey absolutely loved their pool it’s huge and has 4 hot tubs and a completely separate area for babies along with a baby water slide it IS heated and you can get a day pool pass for only $50! You can also rent padded cabanas so you and the kiddos can have a comfortable place to nap between castle building and virgin lava flows. The pool pass also includes access to their hospitality room so you can store your belongings in the lockers and shower and change after a long day before grabbing dinner at Dukes! Their poolside restaurant is also delicious. We had lunch and dinner there and highly recommend it! The customer service throughout the resort is amazing and so is the spa! So although I didn’t get the daily spa treatments that you’d imagine on a baby moon I was able to sneak away and get a relaxing beach side massage while Daddy and Rew played in the pool.



Poipu was another one of our favorites. They have an adorable shopping area with several cute little shops and delicious places to eat. We were able to find matching bracelets at the Quicksilver shop, grab ice cream at a local Hawaiian favorite Lapperts, and get Rew an adorable little Hawaii ABC book. I’m all about finding souvenirs that are actually useful and will be used for more than just to hold a memory after we get home.



The blow hole overlook is also in Poipu which is super easy to get to, FREE, and entertained Rewsey for almost an hour! It also has a big grassy area that overlooks the beach that would’ve been great for a picnic if we would’ve thought of that. Rewsey just thought it was a fun area to chase the wild roosters which are all over the island.



Our favorite was their beach. It was full of seals and sea turtles every time we went. I didn’t snorkel, because let’s be honest it’s hard enough to breathe when you’re 7 months pregnant, let alone trying to while swimming and breathing out of snorkel, Lucky for me I didn’t even need to, I could see the fish straight through the water and Rew thought that was SO magical! Kylan went out and snorkeled while Rew and I built sand castles and he said he saw all sorts of fish and he even tried out surfing and got up on a few waves at that beach thanks to my Hawaii local brother Slade.



There is also an adorable park above the beach that Res loved and we happened to find our favorite restaurant across the street from Poipu Beach it’s called Breneckes Beach Boiler and even though it looks like a shack on the outside I highly suggest a reservation because with the beach sunset view from upstairs it gets fully booked fast!



Aside from the three places mentioned above our other favorite place on the island was Kalapaki Beach Hut! I was recommended to this spot by my friend Marquee. It has super yummy breakfast food! Eggs, french toast, breakfast potatoes, acia bowls and organic lemonade! It is literally a bright yellow hut, you order your food and then eat upstairs in this tiny hut it’s between Līhue and Poipu.



Due to the heavy rain we weren’t able to hike the Napali coast or go on the boat tours we were hoping to do but what made up for it was our Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tour. We booked it and got rained out on our original date but we’re luckily able make it happen the day we left! Seeing the Napali coast from above was absolutely breath taking and flying inside of an actual volcano was incredible. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get naseuous but at least I didn’t have to use my “Aloha Bag” like poor little Rewsey but it still was so worth it! Now every time she sees a helicopter she points and waves “buh-bye” to the people in it.



We had Hakus (traditional flower crowns) and a lei for Kylan made by a local. Originally we were just going to wear them for family pictures but the rain made us postpone our photos so Rewsey and I had so much fun wearing them around to the Smiths Luau and luckily they lasted almost 3 whole days to pictures and made doing my hair a breeze!



All in all we did not have the traditional relaxing baby moon but we made family memories that will last a lifetime and we were able to soak up a quality week of one on one time with Rew before she has to share our time with her new baby sissy and even though my body may have been extra tired from carrying two baby girls through the sand my mind was able to rest easy knowing my baby girl was safe and sound having fun by my side! I am forever grateful to Mary at Rocking Sea Photography for capturing our family memories and making me feel beautiful pregnant! Anyone looking for a local photographer in Kauai I highly recommend her!